Simon Lewis

 Justice Connect Board Member 

Partner Philanthropy, Mutual Trust
Partner, GoodWolf Partners

Simon Lewis has experience across international markets, strategy consulting and financial services over 20 years in Africa, UK and Sydney, which eventually led him to a role at a corporate trustee company with origins in Melbourne. He founded and led a charitable foundation supporting community development in Africa for five years, and got professionally involved in advising families and foundations on philanthropy, strategy and governance at the Myer Family Company and, more lately, Mutual Trust.

Simon is focused on fighting the injustice of ‘affluenza’. He says, “we have more than enough resources today to address society’s most urgent needs. But these resources are tied up in the wrong places or expended on the wrong things, and selfishly so from an individual through to a nation-state perspective”.

When he’s not advocating for social justice and philanthropy, he spends time with his family, running with his dog and working up some jazz tunes with a fledging band.

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