Media Releases

29 July 2014
Justice Connect’s Homeless Law program has cautioned the community against looking to law enforcement to respond to public space issues and homelessness
24 June 2014
Justice Connect is extending the reach of pro bono lawyers to assist people who represent themselves in the Federal Courts. June 2014
17 June 2014
After nearly one year in operation, demand is increasing for Justice Connect's MOSAIC program
10 June 2014
The Churchill Report "In the Public Eye: Addressing the negative impact of laws regulating public space on people experiencing homelessness" contains 10 key recommendations for a better informed, more efficient and effective approach to dealing with visible homelessness and related conduct in our communities
25 March 2014
A special Memorial Service will be held tomorrow in the city streets of Melbourne to commemorate the lives of members of the Victorian community who have died while experiencing homelessness