How we measure our impact

9 November 2013
We use the “theory of change” as our organisation-wide evaluation methodology.

Each area of Justice Connect has a theory of change which helps us connect our day to day work with our overall organisational vision. We measure our success by identifying and monitoring metrics associated with key activity or outcomes.

By setting measures to monitor our progress, we are better able to understand how our programs work, where improvements can be made and to report on outcomes.  It also ensures that we are clear about who is responsible for what and how we will know when we have achieved these things.

The questions which are central to our evaluation framework are:

  1. What is the change we want to see?
  2. How will that change happen?
  3. What is our unique contribution to bringing this change about?
  4. How will we know if we have done this?

Ultimately, the measure of our success will be a fairer and more just society, demonstrated by access to justice for people experiencing disadvantage.