Workplace Rights 

Public Interest Law helps vulnerable workers navigate complex workplace laws, to ensure they have the chance of a fair outcome when facing up to their past or current employer. We use our work with clients and stakeholders to identify and address key concerns within workplaces throughout Australia.   

Priority Areas 

Dismissed Workers Project

Public Interest Law and JobWatch have developed a referral pathway for workers with general protections or unfair dismissal conciliations in the Fair Work Commission. If a person is eligible for assistance, we use our network of pro bono lawyers to ensure they get the legal support their need at the conciliation. If no settlement is reached, we consider whether we can help further.  

Wage Theft

All too often, employers are not paying employees’ full entitlements. We can refer vulnerable people to pro bono lawyers for advice on their claim and options, and representation in making a claim. 

Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Everyone should feel safe at work. But many employers are not doing enough to stop sexual harassment and discrimination in their workplace. Public Interest Law connects people with people with legal information to empower them to use their workplace rights, and can help people pursue claims against employers.  

Public Interest Law has come together with over 100 community organisations to demand action to stop sexual harassment in workplaces.  In response to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, this Power to Prevent Coalition called on State, Territory and Federal Governments across Australia to take urgent and coordinated action, providing real solutions to create sexual harassment free workplaces.   

Modern Slavery and Migrant Workers

Every year, thousands of workers come to Australia in circumstances where they are susceptible exploitation. Unaware of their workplace rights and protections, these workers are often subjected to slave-like conditions where they are severely underpaid and exploited. Working with community legal centres and our network of pro bono lawyers, Public Interest Law connects these vulnerable workers with the legal advice and assistance they desperately need. 

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