About us

22 June 2015
Fairer and better lives

At Justice Connect, we believe that everybody deserves a fair chance at a better life. This means a world that is just and fair; where systems are accessible by everyone and accountable to everyone, where people’s rights are respected and advanced, and laws are applied fairly to all.

We know that many of life’s problems often have legal solutions. By connecting people with free legal help, we open up the legal system for those locked out of it, and show the way for those lost in it.

It could be a single parent unfairly evicted from public housing onto the street, an older person whose child has sold their home out from under them, or a local refugee support group lost in a sea of red tape.

We do this in three ways:

  • Legal help – connecting people locked out of the system, or lost in it with free legal help, directly from our team, or from barristers and lawyers from our partner law firms
  • Empowering people and communities – by giving people and community groups the tools they need, we can help them navigate the legal system themselves. This makes them stronger. It allows us to focus on those who most need more intensive help
  • Challenging and changing unfair laws and systems – unfair laws, policies, practices and perceptions can lock people out from accessing justice or making it unnecessarily confusing or stressful. By challenging and changing these laws and systems, we can have a real impact on the lives of the people we help.

In all these things, we are committed to making an impact.

We exist to give people a fair chance at a better life, and to build a fairer and more just world. This is what impact looks like.

This impact can take several forms. Changing an unfair law can help thousands of people locked out from accessing justice, as will building tools that help us connect people with legal help faster.

We also believe in making an impact for each person we serve. We provide them with free legal help to ensure they get a fair chance at a better life.

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