Our story

18 September 2013
Justice Connect has been connecting people who are locked out of the system with free legal help for over 20 years.

Justice Connect was formed when The Public Interest Law Clearing Houses PILCH NSW (established in 1992) and PILCH Vic (established in 1994) merged on 1 July 2013.

Since then, we have been at the forefront of building a culture where collaborative pro bono work has become integral to the professional responsibility of every lawyer.

We work with thousands of lawyers, including 50 NSW and Victorian law firms, and hundreds of barristers. We also collaborate closely across the wider legal, social service and social justice sectors. We are financially supported by our members, federal and state government and philanthropic support, fees for service and donations.Not restricted by State boundaries, we are now better placed to further develop, and strategically deploy, pro bono resources to improve access to justice in response to the changing legal and social environment.

Over 25 years, Justice Connect has grown, and it has changed. But we have always remained focused on the people and the community organisations we help.

We have had more and more impact, helping people access a system they have been locked out of or lost in, and by challenging and changing unfair laws.

We’ve been at the forefront of integrating legal help into the broader social justice movement, using legal skills and the legal system to solve social problems.

The need for our help continues to grow. Government funding fails to keep pace with that demand. More of the same will not be enough.