Fairer and better lives

Justice Connect builds a fairer and better society. We use the law to help people and community groups left behind by an unfair and complicated legal system.

Imagine a world that is truly just and fair. Where communities are connected and vibrant.

A world where people’s rights aren’t only respected–they’re advanced. Where laws are fair for everyone. Where the justice system is more just. This is a world we can see. It’s the world we’re building. We believe in a world where the law works for everyone, and everyone has a fair chance at a better life.

The system’s unfair

Whether you’re a single mother who’s just been evicted, a young trans person who wants to start a supportive community group, or an older person dealing with family violence and exploitation, people’s real-life problems often have legal solutions. But finding these solutions means contending with an unfair and complex system. It’s too easy to get lost inside the system, or locked out entirely.

We make it fairer

We connect people with legal help. We use the power of the law to open up the legal system for those locked out of it, and to change the system where it is broken. By unlocking the skill and passion of thousands of lawyers, we not only solve people’s real life problems, we give them the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. We help the helpers with tools that let them focus on doing what they do best.


What do we do?

Using the power of the law, we help people in times of vulnerability, and give community organisations the skills they need to focus on building a better world. By connecting people with the right lawyer, or the right information, we can help people regain control of their lives, or stop a crisis before it starts.

By learning from the people we help, and telling their stories, we can fight to change laws that only make the legal system even more unfair and complicated. By designing smart solutions that get the best legal help to the people who need it, where they need it. By giving people and organisations the tools the need to help themselves.

We’re building a more just world, where everyone has a fair chance at a better life.

Who we help

We help people and community organisations left behind by an unfair and complex legal system.

How we help

We help in different ways to have a system-wide impact.