Sue’s story

Technology helped one pensioner apply for legal help at midnight

When Sue spoke up about a community issue, she never expected to have a lawsuit on her hands.

“I put something in writing over a dispute with people in the community and next thing you know I was being sued.”

Having never dealt with the legal system, she began to research lawyers in her area and soon found that legal help would be unaffordable to her pension budget. Not knowing who to turn to, she began to worry that she would be forced to lose everything that she had worked for her entire life.

Thankfully, Justice Connect had just launched its online intake tool, which allows people to quickly and easily apply for legal help online. Sue’s matter was one of the first applications to come through – sent in at midnight. Using the information from her online application, Justice Connect was able to connect Sue to a pro bono lawyer at Carroll O’Dea within a week, and soon she was on the way to a resolution.

Sue felt like a weight had been lifted. In addition to providing free legal assistance to help Sue understand the complex legal proceedings involved, the team at Carroll O’Dea gave her the confidence and hope she needed to pursue her claim.

The lawyers at Carroll O’Dea were with Sue every step of the way. One of her assisting lawyers, Greg McAllister, said “as the matter neared its conclusion there definitely was a shift in Sue; she understood what she was facing, she understood the law, she understood the risks, she understood the merits and she felt comfortable within the process.”

“I’m so appreciative. I’m really grateful for the way in which help was given, the generosity and the way it was given to me.”