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In the face of rising levels of unmet legal need, we design and deliver high impact interventions to increase access to legal support and progress social justice.

Many of life’s problems have legal solutions. Whether a single mother is facing homelessness, or an older person is grappling with family violence, the law can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

We connect people with legal help. We use the power of the law to open up the legal system for those locked out of it, and fight to change the system where it is broken.


Legal need grows as disasters affect Australians

In 2020, Australian communities have dealt with bushfire crises and now grapple with unprecedented consequences flowing from COVID-19. Our services continue to run, and legal need is growing day by day.

Our response to COVID-19

We’re changing unfair laws

Sometimes the law and legal system is unfair. Sometimes the law has unintended consequences. When we see this in our work, we challenge these laws and change them. Take a look at our latest campaigns.

Our stories

Read the stories of the people and community groups we have helped.


Helping a community organisation grow

“It started off as just a little group of us and then went absolutely ballistic!”

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Photograph of Justice Connect's client Welcome to Eltham
Gresha keeps a roof over her head

“You have a fear that your stuff will get broken into, you’re never really safe”

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Photograph of Justice Connect's client Gresha