Our strategy

Our 2024 strategy is designed to increase our reach, impact and sustainability.

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Our refreshed purpose

In the face of rising levels of unmet legal need, we design and deliver high impact interventions to increase access to legal support and progress social justice.

Our refreshed purpose has three key components:

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An acknowledgement of the scale of unmet legal need, and how this should motivate activity across all parts at Justice Connect.

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A commitment to delivering impactful responses to unmet legal need as an organisation. Our theory of change captures the ways in which we are focused on the design, delivery, evaluation and research required to deliver effective and high impact responses.

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An objective of improving lives and communities, and preventing the negative consequences of legal problems experienced by individuals and community organisations.

The challenge

Justice Connect aims to address unmet legal need because the consequential impacts on individuals and the community are significant and unacceptable. The way we’ve achieved this and the cohorts of people we have focused on have evolved throughout our 30 year history. Across that time, unmet legal need has remained stubbornly high for a wide range of individuals and not-for-profit organisations, and the impacts of that unmet legal need have continued to entrench inequality.

We work in an increasingly challenging and dynamic environment which is driving the rise of legal need, stretching funding and placing legal service organisations like ours under increasing pressure.

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Our vision

We leverage our strengths by designing and embracing the most effective interventions in order to help as many people and organisations impacted by legal problems, while also working to address the system-level drivers of these problems.

Putting the needs of people and communities at the heart of everything we do, we focus on interventions that demonstrate impact.

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Our impact

   Stronger & more effective community organisations

   Improved individual wellbeing

   Better responses to legal need

   Better laws & policies

Our strategic directions

Our strategic directions provide a framework to move our organisation from its current state to delivering on our strategy, purpose and moving us towards our vision. They build on our existing work and strengths.

  1. Extending the reach and impact of our services through digital strategies

  2. Amplifying and extending the impact of our work through strategic engagement to help drive systems-level change

  3. Achieving our purpose in the most effective and financially sustainable way

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Holding ourselves accountable

We hold ourselves accountable to both the implementation of our strategy and to tracking the outcomes that we want to achieve.

We have refreshed our theory of change to emphasise our new strategy and will continue our practice of annual impact reporting. We are also investing in building the capability of our staff to participate in service design and  evaluation so that they can be active participants in the process of bringing this strategy to life.