Meet our team


Marcia Neave

Chair of Justice Connect

Marcia brings incredible expertise as a lawyer and judge, as well as a thinker and academic. She has thought deeply about the impact of the law and about the systemic changes need to improve outcomes for the community. Through her work, she has made systems-level changes that improve the lives of many.

Crucial to our own work, Marcia is a tireless advocate for women. Her work has impacted the lives of many Australian women, and continues to do so at Justice Connect.

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Justice Connect’s Board

We’re governed by an independent volunteer board, who promote and protect the interests and objectives of Justice Connect.

The Justice Connect Board is made up of volunteers. Each board member contributes a wide range of commercial and philanthropic expertise, as well as a commitment to social justice.

Photograph of Justice Connect's Board Member, Nicky Friedman

Nicky Friedman

Deputy Chair

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Photo of Justice Connect Board Member Dr Crystal McKinnon

Dr Crystal McKinnon

Board Member

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Board Member, Tristan Cutcliffe

Tristan Cutcliffe

Board Member

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Board Member, Sarah Maddison

Sarah Maddison

Board Member

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Our team

A shared vision of fairer and better lives has brought together a team that is committed to a more just world.

The key to our impact is the passionate commitment of our people. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, driven by a desire to deliver real improvements in the lives of the people and communities we help.

Photo of Justice Connect COO, Sophie Gordon-Clark

Sophie Gordon-Clark


Photograph of Justice Connect's Head of Not-for-profit Law, Sue Woodward

Sue Woodward

Chief Adviser of Not-for-profit Law

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Co-Head of Not-for-profit Law, Geraldine Menere

Geraldine Menere

Head of Not-for-profit Law

Photograph of Justice Connect's Interim Head of Innovation, Tom O'Doherty

Tom O’Doherty

Head of Innovation

Photograph of Justice Connect's Head of Engagement (Interim), Roj Amedi

Roj Amedi

Head of Engagement

Photograph of Justice Connect's Head of Community Programs, Stephanie Tonkin

Stephanie Tonkin

Head of Community Programs

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Head of Innovation and Engagement, Kate Fazio

Kate Fazio

Head of Innovation & Engagement (On leave)

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Head of Pro Bono Partnerships, Tori Edwards

Tori Edwards

Head of Pro Bono Partnerships (On leave)

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Our patrons


Gillian Triggs

Patron of Justice Connect

Emeritus Professor, LLM, PhD

Gillian Triggs is former Chair of Justice Connect, and long-term Patron of our work. Before she was our Chair, Gillian was the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. She has a wealth of experience in the legal, human rights and social justice sector, and is a strong advocate for women and refugees.

She has also had a vibrant academic career. She was Dean of the Faculty of Law and Challis Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney. She is also the author of many books and papers on human rights and international law.

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Our members

We partner with the best law firms to help close the justice gap. Learn more about our membership options by making an enquiry.

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Our stories

Read the stories of those who have received justice through free, pro bono legal help.


Grace combats unfair rent arrears

With legal help, Grace was able to escape family violence without accruing debt.

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Kirupa avoids an unfair bill

"If I am happy in my life now, it’s because of Justice Connect."

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Photograph of Justice Connect client Kirupa