Chris Povey

 CEO of Justice Connect 

Chris has dedicated his career to making the law work for people who otherwise would have missed out. He shares with Justice Connect a deep commitment to making legal help more available, to more people and community groups, more easily.

About Chris Povey

Chris has spent over 15 years as a lawyer with the Consumer Action Law Centre, the Tenants Union of Victoria, Victoria Legal Aid, Justice Connect and the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

In that time, he has helped bring vital legal help to people facing homelessness, disability and mental illness, as well as advocating for a policies which will reduce the pressure of the law on these groups and others.

“We’re committed at Justice Connect to the idea that the law can help people live better lives, in healthier communities, rather than hinder them. It’s that vision of a stronger, fairer community that we’re working towards.”

In 2010, Chris was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to conduct in-depth research into housing sustainability and homelessness prevention.

Chris has also served on the Boards of the Australian Pro Bono Centre and the Council to Homeless Persons. E lui parla bene Italiano.

Photograph of Justice Connect CEO, Chris PoveyChris Povey, Justice Connect CEO