Chris Povey

Chris Povey is the CEO of Justice Connect.

About Chris

Chris has worked for over 15 years with and for communities facing significant human rights issues including people experiencing or at risk of homelessness and mental health issues. Under his leadership, we launched our 2024 strategy to better equip the organisation to tackle compounding challenges and crises. Our 2024 strategy reinforces our responsive approach to legal need, and commitment to innovate and use digital strategies so we can help more people and not-for-profit organisations.

He has worked in casework, policy and leadership roles with Tenants Victoria, Victoria Legal Aid, Consumer Action Law Centre, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, and Justice Connect.

Through his various roles Chris has seen first-hand the impact of innovative and data-driven legal help, tools and services to connect people and community groups with the help they need and make systemic changes that progress social justice.

Chris currently serves as a member of the Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres Management Committee, and the board of the Australian Pro Bono Centre. He previously served on the board of the Council to Homeless Persons, and in 2010, travelled to England, Scotland, the US and Canada as a Churchill Fellow to investigate programs to help high risk tenants keep their homes, and stop homelessness before it starts.


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