Our COVID-19 response

We’re providing legal help to people and community organisations affected by the outbreak.

People need support now more than ever

When public health crises occur, existing legal problems do not go away, and new legal needs emerge.

All of our programs and services continue to run. Our community-based services are moving to a phone and video model to reduce exposure for staff, volunteer lawyers and clients.

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Organisations are facing new challenges

We’re ramping up our support for organisations affected by the pandemic.

Our Not-for-profit Law team launched a special response supporting not-for-profits grappling with complex issues as they face remote working, service closures, employment law and safety concerns.

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How to get help

We’re continuing to deliver a wide range of legal services and programs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can apply for help from our services online, ask a lawyer for advice online or access our free self-help resources.

Updates on our service-delivery

We use an agile approach to the design and delivery of our legal services.

We’re constantly analysing our data and surveying what legal problems people are encountering, so that we can improve our services, resources and digital outreach.

Strengthening legal responses to disasters

Disasters and crises cause legal problems and increase vulnerability.

We’re calling for more support for scaled-up, digitally enabled, strategic and coordinated legal sector responses to meet legal need.

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