We recognise the potential impact of sharing our innovative products and research with the wider pro bono sector.



Our vision for Australia is one where justice organisations and systems have been thoughtfully designed and linked so that people, organisations, and legal professionals can seamlessly navigate and positively experience the legal system.

Our range of digital innovation projects has transformed the way Justice Connect reaches, brings in, and helps our community. Our acclaimed track record of impact has allowed us to bring our suite of tools to the broader access to justice ecosystem. Research and collaboration with stakeholders have also shown us the potential appetite and impact of making our tools available for wider use.

Together, we can make the process of being connected with legal help smoother for both the people seeking help, and service providers.

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Improving the experience of giving and getting legal help

We’re working to improve the legal system experience for both people seeking help and lawyers providing it.

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Scaling our reach and impact with online self-help

Reaching people who need a little bit of help, or who want to help themselves

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