Our natural language processing artificial intelligence (AI) model has been trained to identify what legal problems may be applicable to people describing their situation in their own words.


We see this technology having many potential use-cases across the legal help journey:

  • Resource and service finding: identifying whether an issue has a legal dimension, and identifying the category of legal problem.
  • Service provision: assisting legal service providers to accurately identify legal problems, and direct people and organisations to services that will be able to assist.
  • Non-legal settings: to assist non-legal service providers to make higher-quality referrals to legal services.
  • Post-service data analysis: categorising legal problems to surface trends in casework.

That’s why we’re working to make our AI model widely available across the legal help ecosystem through an Application Programming Interface (API). Through this, other community legal organisations will be able to use the technology to improve the experience of seeking legal help.


If your legal service organisation is interested in using our AI model, get in touch today. 


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