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We’re driving systems-level change

For Justice Connect, it’s not enough to work to help people in a broken system. We must also work to fix the system.

We use our insights to drive systems-level change to benefit many, based on the experiences of the people we help.

Why we’re helping drive systems-level change

Many legal problems are preventable. Many legal system issues are resolvable.

Together, we can prevent legal problems and people’s difficult experiences of navigating the legal system if we address the drivers of unmet legal need and improve the legal and justice system.

Justice Connect has access to an extraordinary depth and breadth of insights into system-level issues through our casework, our data, and the professional experience of our subject matter experts.

We regularly use our insights to drive system-level change to benefit many, based on the experiences of the people we help.

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Preventing the criminalisation of homelessness

Homelessness is a complex issue that requires systems-level change.

We challenge and change laws that unfairly impact people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

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Strengthening legal responses to disasters

Disasters and crises cause legal problems and increase vulnerability.

We’ve seen first-hand how legal need shifts during disasters and crises. We’re using our evidence, and the experiences of the people we’ve helped, to call on all levels of government to act.

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Ending elder abuse

We help people who are facing complex legal problems that arise from elder abuse.

We reach out to people at risk and help older people navigate the legal system to ensure they feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect.

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Together we have #FixedFundraising

Australia’s fundraising laws are a mess.

After years of campaigning, in February 2023 our #FixFundraising campaign proudly marked a monumental advocacy win with the announcement that the Commonwealth, state, and territory Treasurers have agreed to a set of nationally consistent fundraising principles.

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