The Australian Fundraising Principles (AFPs) to #FixFundraising

Australia’s fundraising laws are a mess. We’re calling for a single set of rules to help ensure ethical fundraising practise.

What are the AFPs?

The AFPs are principles of ethical behaviour, rather than details like the font size to go on a name badge. As principles, they are future-proof, and allow charities to consider their particular situation.

The AFPs are a draft proposal, discussed and tested with charities and experts. Each state and territory would need to adopt the AFPs instead of applying their existing requirements to ACNC registered charities.

The Australian Fundraising Principles (AFPs)

As a charity registered with the ACNC, we pledge to take all reasonable steps to ensure our fundraising is lawful, truthful and transparent. To do this, we will adhere to the following principles of ethical fundraising practice. These principles are designed to provide a national standard for fundraising in place of the current confusing, expensive and ineffective state-based system.

Underpinned by the Australian Consumer Law, Privacy Act, Telecommunications Industry Standard, local council regulations, and the ACNC, but with states retaining their oversight and enforcement powers, we believe these principles will lead to stronger fundraising and better regulation. These principles are designed to complement existing self-regulatory fundraising codes, and do not require any additional compliance to meet them.


When fundraising, we will always try to explain the purpose of our charity, and the purpose to which the funds raised will be applied, where that is reasonably possible.


We will not mislead or deceive or use false or inaccurate information when fundraising.


We will not place undue or unreasonable pressure on a person when fundraising, or act unconscionably in any way to obtain a donation.


When fundraising, we will take all reasonable measures to never exploit the trust, lack of knowledge, lack of capacity, apparent need for care and support, or vulnerable circumstances of any donor.


We will ensure that our fundraisers are always clearly, and individually, identifiable by the public.


We will take responsibility for the standards, practices and conduct of all our fundraising activities, regardless of who conducts them (us, or a third party on our behalf), or how they are delivered.


We will conduct all reasonable due diligence when engaging third parties to assist, support or deliver fundraising activities on our behalf.


When we use paid fundraisers we will tell the public this before they donate.


Where we use third parties, we will ensure this information includes the name of the company, and how we pay them.


We will ensure that fundraisers employed, or directly engaged by us, only work within the designated hours of operation as permitted by relevant national, state/territory or local laws, or by a properly constituted self-regulatory body if no such laws exist.


We will only contact the public to seek support where we have the proper and lawful authority to do so, where this is required.


We will take all reasonable measures to protect the health and well-being of fundraisers employed or directly engaged by us, and members of the public, during the course of our fundraising activities.


We will ensure personal information we collect, use and manage is done so in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.


We will operate a complaints process that allows for the proper investigation and redress of fundraising complaints by the public and encourage anyone with any concerns about fundraising activity conducted in our name to contact us.

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