To reach as many people as we can, we recognise the importance of delivering legal assistance at different levels of intensity and scale. Through our suite of digital self-help tools, people with a legal need can be empowered with information about their rights and options, without having to go through the traditional route of finding a lawyer. 

We design resources and tools with people at the centre 

We believe technology should not be adopted for technology’s sake, but to design better services and experiences for people seeking access to justice.   

Our research and design methodologies are human-centred, meaning we engage people across the community to learn what they need in online tools and resources, to inform our design process. We interview people to learn about their needs, design prototypes with them in mind, test features, and then iterate based on their feedback. This ensures our tools accurately respond to legal need, and maximises the impact of our assistance models.  

We make sure the people who need us, find us 

In an increasingly digital world, it’s imperative we make sure the people and organisations who need our help know we exist. We use consumer-focused online marketing and outreach strategies to increase our reach, scale our legal services to assist more people, better understand our clients, and inform the design of our services.  

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We’re helping revolutionise the pro bono landscape.

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