Making sure the people who need us, find us.

Research has shown us the first thing people do when they are facing a legal problem is turn to online searches. Without a strong consumer outreach strategy and effective digital communications and marketing, many people find it too hard or too slow to find the help they need, even when it does exist.  

Meeting people where they are 

We use a multi-channel approach to ensure we are meeting people on the channels where they regularly spend time.  

In an increasingly digital world, it’s imperative we make sure the people and organisations who need our help know we exist. We use consumer-focused online marketing and outreach strategies to increase our reach, scale our legal services to assist more people, better understand our clients, and inform the design of our services.  

Often, engaging with institutions is a big step for people navigating their legal journey. We make sure we’re meeting people in the digital ecosystems they’re already comfortable in, to build trust and provide accessible and actionable information.  

Testing and iterating is built-in to all our processes, meaning we can learn in real-time which messaging, imagery, and content is resonating with our audiences. With these insights, we can adapt and optimise our efforts to ensure they are reaching people with the most effective message, which results in more efficient advertising costs.  

Ultimately, we aim to improve the end-to-end experience of seeking help to resolve a legal problem, right from their first point of contact.