There are many legal requirements that need to be understood by the people running the organisation, when they are often resource constrained and focused on the impact they are trying to have in their community.

That’s why Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law developed a suite of tools and resources for not-for-profits, community organisations, and social enterprises – to help organisations navigate common legal questions through easy-to-understand, plain language online support.

Online resources

Every day, our library of over 300+ online legal information resources reach hundreds of community organisations across Australia. Our resources consists of fact sheets, guides, templates, and self-help tools, and assist at all stages of a not-for-profit’s lifecycle: from getting started to winding up. They span across 10 key areas of law, including governance and directors’ duties, managing employees and volunteers, contracts, funding, and collaboration.

Equipping people with the right knowledge at the right time, we make it easier for community organisations to prevent and respond to legal issues.


Feedback has shown our self-help resources enable people and community organisations to:

  • Find information relevant to their legal problem (97% agreed)
  • Better understand the law and how it applies to their organisation (94% agreed)
  • Feel confident to take action (83% agreed)
  • Build a better understanding of general legal issues (86% agreed)
  • Engage more effectively with volunteers, employees, clients, or beneficiaries (75% agreed)
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Self-help tools

In our suite of resources we have interactive digital information tools that empower not-for-profit organisations to distil relevant packets of information tailored to their specific needs. Users are guided through a series of questions about their organisation – in plain, simple English – and then generates a downloadable, customised report.

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