If you’re representing yourself in court, a little legal help can go a long way.

Our Self Representation Service provides legal help across some matters in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. So people have a fair chance at a better outcome.

I want help for my Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court issue

We can assist people representing themselves in some types of cases in the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court. Our service operates in Victoria, NSW, ACT and Tasmania.

Issues we help with include: bankruptcy, employment law and human rights.

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I want help for my Victorian Supreme Court or County Court issue

We can assist people representing themselves in some types of cases in the County Court and Supreme Court in Victoria.

Issues we help with include: appeals from VCAT and lower courts, civil and commercial matters.

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How it works

Our service connects people with information and legal assistance through one hour appointments with lawyers. We provide task-orientated assistance in preparation for court, we don’t provide ongoing legal representation. Appointments need to be pre-booked – you can apply online. Appointments may include:

  • legal advice about the issue at court
  • assistance in preparing documents, including correspondence and court forms
  • advice about other options to resolve the issue
  • information about court orders and procedures.

Some people may be offered more than one appointment to support them throughout their case.

Appointments are usually at court or by phone.



Self-help resources

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