Our vision for a joined-up, technology-enabled legal system

With over 30 years’ experience as a clearinghouse, we are deeply familiar with the pain points and opportunities for improvement in the pro bono sector. We are passionate about connecting the ecosystem and strengthening its ability to meet legal need, and we contribute by sharing our research and insights to inspire industry transformation.

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Joining Up Justice

We believe technology has an important role to play in increasing access to justice. We’ve researched the shared experience of looking for and delivering legal help in Australia, and examining how technology can provide solutions to common pain points and opportunities for both people and the organisations who help them.

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Missing Majority report

Online self-help resources can help people solve common legal issues independently. This is especially important for the ‘missing majority’: people who can’t afford a lawyer, but also don’t qualify for free or community legal assistance.

With support from the Victoria Law Foundation, we conducted research to better understand the opportunities to assist the missing majority through online resources, and inform better design and deployment of digital self-help resources across the legal service sector.

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