Resources for people facing employment, debt and housing insecurity problems

Losing your job or being on a reduced income can have flow-on impacts on your ability to pay your debts, bills and stay in secure housing. If you’re unable to keep up with your bills and expenses, these resources can help you get back on track and avoid having your financial problems escalate.

Employment problems

These resources are designed to help you if you’ve been unfairly fired or you’d like to make a claim for unpaid wages against your employer. If your employer is no longer trading (because they’ve gone bankrupt, for example) and owes you money, the below resource can help you understand whether you have a right to pursue that employer for payment and how to do so.

Getting fired

If you've lost your job under unfair circumstances these resources are designed to help you understand your rights and options.

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Negotiating debts

If you have debts you can’t pay, there is action you can take. Because of COVID-19, there are certain rules debt collectors and utilities providers have to follow when pursuing debts. These resources can help you understand your rights and negotiate with your bank or utility provider to make your debts more managable.

More resources about bankruptcy

If you've received a creditor's petition or are considering your options regarding filing for bankruptcy, our resources can help you better understand your rights and options.

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Staying in housing (for Victorians)

If you’ve missed or are about to miss a rent payment, it’s important to take active steps to avoid an eviction and negotiate a payment plan with your landlord. Our Dear Landlord self-help tool can help you draft a letter to your landlord or agent, or find other courses of action, to help you stay in your home.

More resources for Victorian renters

If you're struggling to pay rent, our resources for Victorians can help you negotiate a rent reduction with your landlord and navigate the mediation process.

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