Our Not-for-profit Rules Tool makes writing a set of rules for your organisation easy

18 Nov 2020

Our new free tool asks you a few simple questions and then drafts a set of rules for your Victorian incorporated association. 

There are lots of legal requirements an organisation needs to understand and meet when it comes to writing the rules or constitution for a not-for-profit group. constitution is a roadmap for running an organisation, so getting it right can be a challenge for many Victorian incorporated associations. Often, the model rules don’t fit an organisations unique needs. But drafting rules that are simple, clear and meets an organisations needs is no easy feat. 

That’s why we launched our Rules Tool, designed to help Victorian incorporated associations draft their constitution quickly and easily. Our free web app solves the problem many associations face in needing legal help to draft their own rules.

Using a conversational interface, the Rules Tool mimics an educational conversation with a lawyer by asking you a series of questions about how you would like their association to operate. Once you’ve answered its questions, it will generate a customised document that is legally compliant and easy to understand. All you have to do is submit your rules for approval by Consumer Affairs Victoria and vote to adopt them. The app is designed to be simple and user-centred while also containing all information required in an association’s rules under Victorian incorporated associations legislation. 

We often hear from people in not-for-profits we help that they feel stressed and lack confidence in drafting and understanding their organisation’s rules. Now, establishing clear and simple rules for an organisation wont have to be a daunting process. The Rules Tool is one more way we are relieving the pressure felt by not-for-profit groups and helping them create practical legal documents that work for them.  

By supporting Victorian associations to get the legal stuff right, their time and energy can be freed up to get on with doing what they do best – helping make their communities thrive.  

Use the Rules Tool

This project was generously supported by the H&L Hecht Trust managed by Perpetual.