We’re answering your simple legal questions online

26 Mar 2020

Our new platform, Justice Connect Answers, connects people with real lawyers who can answer their simple legal questions — for free and online.

Over the past few weeks, many of us have come to rely on technology like never before. As we practice physical distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure our healthcare system can keep up, many of us are turning to online tools for every day activities. We can use online collaboration tools for work, video call our friends, and even study online. In times of crisis, technology can make us feel more connected and do the things we’d do in a normal day.

Legal questions don’t stop just because we’re cooped up inside, either. In fact, we’ve seen an increase in legal need because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Almost overnight, lawyers, judges, courts and law firms have changed the way they work to keep the wheels of justice moving. The legal world has had to adapt.
At Justice Connect, we’ve been building online tools such as our Pro Bono Portal and Legal Gateway to increase access and help our lawyers find people the legal help they need, when they need it. And now, we’re pioneering a new way of providing pro bono legal services online: Justice Connect Answers.

We’ve been working on Justice Connect Answers for the past nine months. Currently, we’re piloting it with a small number of our member firms. It’s entirely run online, meaning you can ask legal questions on Justice Connect Answers wherever you are, and lawyers can provide legal advice from wherever they are working.

What is Justice Connect Answers?

Justice Connect Answers allows qualifying help-seekers to submit legal questions, which are then answered by one of our Justice Connect member firms and legal practices.

How does it work?

Justice Connect Answers allows you to sign up and lodge their questions about legal issues including:

• Housing and homelessness
• Financial issues
• Work and employment law for employees (for employees only)
• Personal rights and safety
• Reviewing government decisions
• Guardianship.

Once the question has been posted, lawyers from our member firms and legal practices will provide tailored and specific legal advice directly to you via the platform. Pro bono lawyers benefit from being able to provide legal advice in their own time and in areas of law with which they have expertise.

Who can use it?

You are eligible for Justice Connect Answers if you’re 18 years or older, have a low income, have a legal problem that is covered by our network of lawyers and have not already received legal advice on this issue from Justice Connect or elsewhere.

How do I access Justice Connect Answers?

To ask a question, head to answers.justiceconnect.org.au, sign up for an account, and start asking questions!