We connect people with legal help

Having legal help can bring people’s rights to life. It can mean the law is something that gives them a fair chance, and is not a burden that they must work under.

In a moment of vulnerability, being able to speak to a lawyer can be the difference between staying housed or being forced onto the street. Between being crushed by debt or getting on with life.

By connecting people who are locked out of the system, or lost in it, with free legal help, we can even the odds. Without legal help, some people will never get a fair chance to assert their rights, or have their story heard.

We unlock the power of thousands of Australia’s best lawyers from across the commercial sector. This enormous pool of skill is Justice Connect’s secret weapon in helping those who need it.

For an older person caught in a family dispute, the mere presence of a lawyer during complicated mediation can ensure that their rights are understood and respected, they can regain control of their finances, their safety and their lives.

With the help of a lawyer, a single mother facing eviction can know her rights – which may include being able to stay in her home. A lawyer can also be her voice in negotiations with the landlord to stay – a voice that knows the rules and stands up for her rights.

Mother escapes homelessness and family violence

"When you’re not in the right frame of mind, you let the system beat you."

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Homeless Law client Maggie