We empower people and communities

By giving people knowledge, skills and tools they need, we make a complicated legal system open to people who can use those skills to help themselves, and build stronger communities.

By giving people and community groups legal knowledge, skills and tools, we help them navigate the legal system themselves. We are leaders in taking advantage of the opportunities that modern technology provides to empower and connect.

This lets charities and community groups focus on what they want to be doing – building better, more connected communities. It also allows us to focus on those in times of vulnerability who most need our help.

There are 600,000 community groups in Australia, and each of them have to grapple with questions of how they can run – from fundraising laws to governance and volunteering. Every minute they spend figuring out how to manage risk and insurance is a minute not spent helping people in their communities with disabilities, or new migrants and refugees. By giving them hundreds on online resources, we can save them time and help them build strong, connected communities.

Our courts are full of people forced to represent themselves in cases where they believe they’ve been unfairly sacked, or underpaid. Sometimes, something as simple as a one-hour meeting with an employment lawyer is all they need to learn how to navigate the complex court system and get their fair hearing – and hopefully the money they’re owed – without the need for expensive lawyers.

Helping a community organisation grow

“It started off as just a little group of us and then went absolutely ballistic!”

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Photograph of Justice Connect's client Welcome to Eltham