How to prepare documents for the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court

This fact sheet is designed to help you prepare some of the documents which may be needed when you are making a claim in the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court.

20 July 2016

Being aware of any deadlines, common mistakes and information that may be inadmissible in court will help you prepare documents for court that are useful and relevant. If not, courts may choose to:

  • throw out part or all of your claim
  • dismiss information that you have provided in support of your case, as it may be inadmissible
  • reject key documents that help your argument, because they do not comply with court procedures and standards

The fact sheet covers:

  • How do I prepare a statement of claim?
  • How do I prepare an affidavit?
  • What do I do with my finished documents?
  • What happens if I want to make changes to my documents?
Fact Sheet: Preparing Documents for the Federal Court or Federal Circuit CourtDownload PDF (338 KB)

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