Our referrer tool

Our user research taught us that Justice Connect can be difficult to understand.

As an organisation with many programs across different states and territories, our sector colleagues are not always sure who we can, and cannot, assist.

We ran a range of workshops with organisations well-placed to identify help-seekers and direct them to Justice Connect from health and housing organisations and including 22 community legal centres.

Our online referral tool aims to eliminate uncertainty, providing a quick tool for sector colleagues to use to check whether a person they are assisting is likely to be eligible for a Justice Connect service, and then use the tool to make a warm referral of that person to Justice Connect for assistance.

Screenshot of our referrer tool work in progress.

You can explore our online referral tool for yourself, or make an online referral now.

Next steps for our referral tool and integration work

Justice Connect is committed to improving the efficiency of the access to justice ecosystem, and to working collaboratively with other organisations to make navigating the system and services easier. We are currently working on a range of initiatives including:

  • service mapping and identification of potential integration points between services
  • identification of technology tools to support ecosystem integration
  • development of legal sector shared taxonomies and data standards for referrals