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For community legal centres seeking pro bono legal assistance for matters that they are running, or access to pro bono merits assessments, please make an online application.

If you want to refer a client to Justice Connect without having an ongoing role in the matter, please make an online referral.

If you are a professional and have questions or are unsure about the assistance you’re seeking, please call our professional hotline on 1300 044 332 to discuss.

CLC or community organisation looking for legal help?

Our specialist Not-for-profit Law Service provides free and low cost legal resources, training, and advice to CLCs and community organisations. Visit Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law website.

Referring to Justice Connect

Due to high demand for free legal assistance, we prioritise matters that we consider to be in the public interest and where a person is especially vulnerable.

Requests for assistance need to come via a professional (such as another lawyer, or a social worker).

Our eligibility criteria includes the following:

  • Can the person afford a lawyer? We consider the expenses likely to be involved in the case, along with the individual’s assets and income to help determine an answer to this question. If a person can afford a lawyer, generally we will not be able to assist.
  • Is the person eligible for Legal Aid? If they are, they are unlikely to be eligible for assistance through Justice Connect.
  • Is the legal issue in an area of law covered by lawyers in our pro bono network? We can rarely help with criminal law, family law, compensation claims or visa applications.
  • Does the person have a legal problem with a likelihood of success, that is, if the legal issue involves a claim against someone else, or defending a claim where there is a reasonable chance of success?
  • Is providing pro bono representation in the public interest? Public interest can refer to a legal issue involving an important point of law that is uncertain and requires clarification, or a case relating to an important right affecting a sector of the community. On occasion, we also consider assisting people with serious legal issues that will significantly affect their lives, where they would otherwise not access legal assistance, in the public interest.

If you’re a professional with further questions, please call our professional hotline on 1300 044 332.

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We’ve designed self help tools and resources to make understanding legal issues and navigating the law easier. Even if the person you are helping doesn’t qualify for one of our services, our free resources can give a helping hand.

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