Challenging and changing unfair laws and systems

Sometimes the law is unfair. Sometimes the law has unintended consequences. When we see this in our work, we will challenge these laws and seek to change them.

Unfair laws, policies, practices and perceptions can lock people out from accessing justice or making it unnecessarily confusing or stressful.

By challenging and changing these laws and systems, we can have a real impact on the lives of the people we help.

We are committed to making an impact for the people we help. Often that means providing legal help – information, advice or representation. But what if a change in the law could help thousands of people at once?

It could be laws which effectively outlaw rough sleeping in the City of Melbourne, or the absurdly complicated burden that Australia’s labyrinth of fundraising laws place on small community groups.

Where the law serves to lock people out, not let people into, a fair legal system, Justice Connect will be there. We tell the stories of the people we help and we bring our skills and expertise to bear to see unfair laws changed.

Melbourne, don’t criminalise homelessness

In early 2017, the City of Melbourne proposed harsh new laws that could have criminalised homelessness.

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Wins for Justice