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Justice Connect helps thousands of people each year receive access to justice. These are their stories.

Justice Connect works to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable people in our community, including people experiencing homelessness, asylum seekers and newly-arrived migrants and seniors. We also provide legal help to not-for-profit organisations so that they can focus on their important work in the community. If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation to Justice Connect

Empowered restaurant worker claims unpaid wages

14 January 2016
Scott put in eight months of hard work, but his employee failed to pay part of his wages and all of his superannuation. We showed him how to get what he had rightfully earned.

Homeless Law and Harry

28 August 2015
Imagine you had to respond to nearly 20 infringement notices. Now imagine doing that while living out of your car.

Gresha: avoiding eviction into homelessness

19 September 2013
Gresha became a ward of the state when she was twelve. She grew up living on the streets, moving in and out of different housing including foster homes, temporary housing and crisis accommodation

Flooded with difficulties

30 November 2015
Handling a flooding house, a disabled son and an aggressive body corporate may have been too much without the Self Representation Service

Li’s story

7 September 2015
The only time Li could speak to a lawyer was during her physio appointment. Health justice partnerships provide a small “window of opportunity” to assist older people experiencing elder abuse.