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What is this resource?

This fact sheet provides information about mediation and compulsory conferences at VCAT.

Sometimes, VCAT will order parties to a proceedings to engage in mediation or compulsory conference. These are called alternative dispute resolution, and are opportunities for you to resolve your dispute before going to final hearing.

This fact sheet covers:

  • Strategies for alternative dispute resolution

  • What a mediation is

  • What a compulsory conference is

  • Your next steps if your matter fails to settle during mediation or compulsory conference

Fact sheet: How to engage with mediation compulsory conference at VCATDownload PDF (334 KB)

  This resource was last updated on 3 August 2018. This is legal information only and does not constitute legal advice. You should always contact a lawyer for advice specific to your situation. Please view our disclaimer for more information.

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