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What is this resource?

This fact sheet provides information about when a building dispute might go to VCAT.

Generally, most disputes must first be taken to Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV). If you have been through the DBDRV process and still haven’t reached a resolution, you may be able to take your dispute to VCAT.

This fact sheet covers:

  • when you can take your domestic building dispute to VCAT

  • What you should do if your builder or tradesperson has issued VCAT proceedings against you

  • The kinds of orders VCAT can make in domestic building disputes

Fact sheet: When does a building dispute go to VCAT?Download PDF (370 KB)

  This resource was last updated on 2 October 2017. This is legal information only and does not constitute legal advice. You should always contact a lawyer for advice specific to your situation. Please view our disclaimer for more information.

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