About Active Members

Our Active Members are able to boost their pro bono impact through Justice Connect’s established referral programs, including our Public Interest service and our Not For Profit service. Active Members have access to our award-winning Gateway Project, including our Pro Bono Portal and training opportunities from Justice Connect experts.

Active Membership includes:

Referral programs

  • Not-for-profit Law advice

  • Not-for-profit Law resources

  • Access Program

Pro bono opportunities(Non-priority and subject to JC program demand)

Courts clinics and referrals:

  • Self Representation Service

  • Domestic Building Legal Service

Specialist referrals:

  • Local Aboriginal Land Councils

  • Seniors Law

Gateway access

Standard Gateway access, including access to our Pro Bono Portal


  • Training opportunities

  • Expert intake and triage

  • Detailed briefing

  • Over-the-phone legal support

  • Justice Connect insurance and support for developing Not-for-profit Law resources

Become an Active Member

If you would like further information about becoming a Justice Connect Active Member, please contact us.

Contact us about becoming an Active Member