About Strategic Partners

This is our top-tier membership. These select firms will have priority access to all our clinics, and engage with us on a strategic level. Strategic Partners have hands-on access to innovative digital and advocacy projects, dedicated support contacts within our team, and ongoing contact with our CEO. More than simply members, Strategic Partners shape the way we do pro bono. We ensure their lawyers have ongoing support and training, and are able to get the most from their pro bono work, while having the most impact.

Strategic Partner membership includes:

Generalist pro bono programs

  • Not-for-profit Law advice and info resources

  • Access Program

Clinics and specialist programs

All programs

  • Homeless Law: clinics and strategic work

  • Courts clinics and referrals: Self-Representation Services and Domestic Building Legal Service

  • Specialist referrals: Local Aboriginal Land Councils and Seniors Law

  • Online Free Legal Answers Clinic (new pilot)


  • Triage and intake

  • Clinic induction

  • Training and intensive support (including social worker)

  • Ongoing casework assistance


  • Networking

  • Round tables

  • Strategic engagement



Gateway access

Premium Gateway

Pilot and project opportunities


Access to annual digital program


Advocacy partnership opportunities


Become a Strategic Partner

If you would like further information about becoming a Justice Connect Strategic Partner, please contact us.

Contact us about becoming a Strategic Partner