Ten Days, Ten Calls for Change

We identified ten ways we can help end homelessness in Victoria.

Ten Days, Ten Calls for Change was a campaign to help end homelessness for women and children in Victoria. Using information and statistics gathered from providing legal representation and social work support to over 100 women at risk of or experiencing homelessness, Justice Connect Homeless Law has identified 10 systemic changes that will reduce the risk of homelessness for Victorian women and children.

“As it stands, Victoria does not have a legal system or a culture geared toward homelessness prevention and this needs to change. Evictions into homelessness must be an absolute last resort and reducing barriers to immediate re-housing an urgent priority.”

Our ten calls for change were:

  1. Strengthen safeguards to make evictions into homelessness a last resort
  2. Invest in services proven to keep women in housing and resolve legal issues stemming from family violence
  3. Improve the legal framework for victims of family violence to keep their housing
  4. Improve legal mechanisms for exiting leases due to family violence
  5. Prevent victims of family violence being penalized for damage or arrears caused by perpetrators
  6. Strengthen policies and oversight to avoid inappropriate debts for public housing tenants
  7. Promote the ability of tenants to retrieve and keep their belongings when their tenancy ends
  8. Make human rights meaningful and accessible
  9. Support the private rental sector to avoid unnecessary evictions
  10. Plan for – and invest in – significant growth in affordable housing


Gresha keeps a roof over her head

“You have a fear that your stuff will get broken into, you’re never really safe”

Read Gresha's story
Photograph of Justice Connect's client Gresha


As a community, we must work together to prevent homelessness for Victorian women and children from the very beginning. Furthermore, where women and families have slipped into homelessness, we need a legal, housing and services framework that supports their rapid exit.