Justice Connect is developing a free, online interactive tool to help people legally prepare for a disaster. 

Our online tool aims to help people build their digital skills and confidence, and guide them through actions they can take to prepare for disasters. We hope this will help build people’s legal resilience, by preparing for disaster-related legal issues before they arise.

We are inviting you to participate in the design of this tool because you have interacted with Justice Connect and our online self-help tools. We want to understand how people interact with online tools, and how they can better prepare for disasters.  

Your participation in this research is valuable to us and will help us increase digital inclusion and disaster preparedness across Australia. As a token of appreciation for your time, those who are selected to participate in our research will be compensated with a Mastercard gift-card. The amount will depend on which research activities you are selected to take part in, and will be emailed to you upon conclusion of our research.

Justice Connect is committed to informed consent across all of its research activities. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and your responses to any survey will not be used without your consent. 


We are seeking involvement from diverse cohorts to make sure we create a tool that works for everyone. As such, anyone is eligible to take part. You do not have to have been affected by a disaster, or have accessed legal help from us to participate.

By completing the registration form, you are expressing interest in taking part in research activities. These activities may take the form of paid surveys, interviews, or workshops.

Participating in this research will not affect any current or future applications for legal help you may have with Justice Connect.

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Read our privacy policy at justiceconnect.org.au/privacy.

Some personal information will be shared with third party financial institutions for the purpose of renumerating participants.

Registering your interest does not guarantee that we will contact you to participate.