Insights into elder abuse

7 Mar 2019

At Justice Connect, we believe in listening to and learning from our clients. Every day, we work alongside healthcare professionals to help end elder abuse in our communities.

To help our community and government better understand the issues that affect our clients, we publish periodic reports. These reports include insights we’ve learned from our clients, to help others understand the complex factors of elder abuse.

Our reports show significant insights into elder abuse matters. They help us understand key demographics, common circumstances surrounding the experience of elder abuse and a snapshot of the legal issues that older people experience.

some key insights


3/4 of clients experiencing elder abuse were female


60% felt pressure to provide financial help to a family member


Each reports includes a couple of case studies, providing a deeper contextual understanding of elder abuse from the client’s perspective. The stories remind us that while legal assistance may result in a positive legal outcome or resolution for a client, the result is always a personal one for the client. Our work is so much bigger than our legal impact. There are wide-reaching and long-lasting consequences for clients.

Each client story is unique, but the common themes help us understand the complexity of elder abuse. They demonstrate the importance of access to justice, the power of a multidisciplinary response and the significance of early intervention.

Download reports based on region

HJPs and Elder Abuse in the Northern Metro: Demographic AnalysisDownload PDF (431 KB)
HJPs and Elder Abuse in the Western Metro: Demographic AnalysisDownload PDF (407 KB)

Download our yearly reports

Health Justice Partnerships – one year of impactDownload PDF (2 MB)
Health Justice Partnerships – two years of impactDownload PDF (246 KB)