Domestic Building Legal Service 

No one should have to lose their home because of a dispute with their builder. We’re here to help.

If you’re in a dispute with your builder in Victoria, the VCAT process can be burdensome and costly. For those who can’t afford the legal help they need, Our Domestic Building Legal Service may be able to help.

We help Victorian home owners understand their rights

With funding from the Victorian Government, we set up the Domestic Building Legal Service to help Victorian homeowners involved in disputes with their builders. We empower homeowners to understand their rights and take the best course of action to resolve their dispute.

Before Victoria’s domestic building laws were changed, many homeowners struggled to resolve the issues they had with their builder. To help home owners and builders resolve their disputes, the government introduced Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV), a free dispute resolution service. But even after going through DBDRV, many homeowners still can’t reach a resolution. That’s where our service comes in.

We aim to help unrepresented homeowners (who have been through the DBDRV process) to:

  • understand the law
  • understand VCAT’s procedures for proceedings
  • prepare documents to pursue or respond to legal proceedings
  • be aware of potential orders and the effect of not complying with orders
  • present their case in the best possible manner
  • engage with experts
  • resolve their disputes in the most efficient and favourable way.

How it works

Eligible homeowners receive a one-hour consultation with a volunteer lawyer who might help with:


Get tailored information and advice about the dispute.  If the dispute is very complicated, we might arrange a further one hour appointment for the homeowner.


Get assistance with discrete drafting tasks.  This could include help preparing a letter to the builder, or documents to file in a proceeding.


We take into account your means and any special circumstances when determining eligibility.

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We’re for the missing middle

Many Australians can’t afford expensive cost of litigation. But they also don’t meet the criteria for free legal help. We call these people the “missing middle” and we’ve designed tailored models of legal help to give them the support they need, when they need it.

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Our stories

Just some of the stories of those who we helped fight for a fair deal.


Jane took her builder to VCAT and won

"Justice Connect was a huge help to me and my husband. It gave us a lot of confidence."

Read Jane's story
Photograph of Justice Connect DBLS client Jane standing outdoors.

Get help with your building dispute

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Are you a builder?

Our service is designed to help homeowners. If you’re a Victorian builder in a dispute, you may be able to get help as a member of the Masters Building Association of Victoria, or the Housing Industry Association.

Contact the Masters Building Association of Victoria:
Call: (03) 9411 4555

Contact the Housing Industry Association:
Call: 1300 650 620