Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project

Read our annual reports from our Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project.

Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project 12-month reportDownload PDF (2 MB)
Keeping Women and Children Housed: Women’s Homelessness Prevention ProjectDownload PDF (2 MB)

Tenancy Legal Help for Prisoners

Read reports from our research into the links between incarceration and homelessness.

Debt and Tenancy Legal Help for Prisoners: 6 month project report (March 2015)Download PDF (898 KB)
Debt and Tenancy Legal Help for Prisoners: 12 month project report (January 2016)Download PDF (791 KB)

Living in public spaces

Read our research into how laws and policies can impact people who, due to homelessness, are forced to live their lives in public spaces.

We want change report (November 2010)Download PDF (2 MB)


Briefing Report: Rising Housing & Financial Insecurity For Renters (July 2023)Download PDF (22 MB)
Joint submission to the Victorian Government’s Make Social Housing Work framework for Victoria’s Public and Community Housing 2020-30 (May 2020)Download PDF (1 MB)
Making Social Housing Work Report (March 2014)Download PDF (1 MB)
Geelong Legal Needs Analysis (October 2014)Download PDF (487 KB)
Under One Roof 12 Month Report (May 2016)Download PDF (1 MB)


Housing and tenancy

Submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry into the rental and housing affordability crisis in Victoria (July 2023)Download PDF (1 MB)
Submission on the Residential Tenancies Regulations (December 2019)Download PDF (2 MB)
Through the Roof: Improving the Office of Housing’s Policies and Processes for Dealing with Housing Debts Position Paper(November 2016)Download PDF (913 KB)
Residential Tenancies Act Review Submission (August 2015)Download PDF (1 MB)
Housing Payment Deduction Scheme Submission (April 2013)Download PDF (186 KB)
VCAT Legislation Reform Project Submission (September 2012)Download PDF (280 KB)
Keeping Doors Open Submission (July 2012)Download PDF (478 KB)
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia Report by Chris Povey (2011)Download PDF (1 MB)
Family and Community Development Committee Inquiry Submission (2010)Download PDF (901 KB)
VCAT Review Submission (June 2009)Download PDF (305 KB)

Living in public spaces

Fair’s Fare: Improving Access to Public Transport for Victorians Experiencing Homelessness Position Paper (March 2016)Download PDF (2 MB)
Homelessness and Policing (August 2013)Download PDF (525 KB)
Fines Infringements and Homelessness (October 2013)Download PDF (4 MB)

Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project

Safe Steps – Rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants (May 2016)Download PDF (688 KB)
Family Violence, Homelessness and Affordable Housing Joint Submission (May 2015)Download PDF (276 KB)
Royal Commission into Family Violence Homeless Law Submission (May 2015)Download PDF (1 MB)


Submission to the Federal Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia (June 2020)Download PDF (597 KB)
Position paper: Finding shelter from the law: Fairer responses to homelessness in our community (March 2020)Download PDF (2 MB)
Submission to the spent convictions inquiry (July 2019)Download PDF (344 KB)
Submission to Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System (July 2019)Download PDF (2 MB)
Charting a Stronger Course (June 2015)Download PDF (959 KB)
Homeless Bill Submission (2012)Download PDF (114 KB)
Submissions to Coroner (December 2012)Download PDF (441 KB)
Charting the Right Course (June 2011)Download PDF (578 KB)
Inquiry into homelessness legislation (2009)Download PDF (396 KB)