Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project

Keeping women and children in homes

Since 2014, our Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project has helped women and children escape eviction, stay in housing and avoid homelessness.

What is the Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project?

The Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project is a holistic, integrated model of providing legal services that focuses on preventing homelessness through addressing both legal and non-legal issues.  It keeps women and children in housing through a combination of legal representation and social work support.

Almost half of Victorians experiencing homelessness are women. One-sixth are children under 12 and family violence is the most common cause of homelessness in Victoria. With an extreme shortage of public housing in Victoria, we need to ensure that women and children aren’t evicted into homelessness in the first place.

Grace combats unfair rent arrears

With legal help, Grace was able to escape family violence without accruing debt.

Read Grace's story

How the project works

The WHPP assists women with housing and tenancy matters who are facing homelessness. We will be able to help you if you have:

  • a VCAT hearing relating to your housing
  •  received a notice to vacate (including for rental arrears, complaints, danger or breach of a compliance order)
  •  received a breach notice
  • received a compliance order application
  • missed a VCAT hearing relating to your housing.

Our reports

Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project 12-month report Download PDF (2 MB)
Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project two-year report Download PDF (2 MB)