Stage 2 hormone treatment

We help young trans people affirm their gender identity

For most people who are under 18 and seeking to access hormone treatment through the use of testosterone or oestrogen (Stage 2), you don’t need to go to court before you can access the treatment.

However, if one of the following situations applies to you, you may need to get a court order from the Family Court before you can receive Stage 2 treatment:

  1. One or more of your parents* doesn’t consent to the treatment
  2. Your medical staff are against you undergoing the treatment
  3. You are in the protection of a state welfare authority.

* parent/s includes any person with parental responsibility for the child, such as a guardian.

Get free legal help

If you (or your child) need legal help with accessing hormone treatment, call Justice Connect on 1800 STAGE2 (1800 782 432) between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email Justice Connect at stage2@justiceconnect.org.au.

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