Receiving a bankruptcy notice

This fact sheet explains what happens when you receive a bankruptcy notice and how to comply with or challenge the notice.

21 September 2017

After receiving a bankruptcy notice, you usually have 21 days to either comply or apply to have it cancelled. If you don’t do anything within that time frame, you may be committing an “act of bankruptcy”. It’s a good idea to learn about your options and act early. You may also want to read our fact sheet on receiving a creditor’s petition and filing for bankruptcy.

This fact sheet explains:

  • the requirements of a bankruptcy notice
  • servicing or comply with a bankruptcy notice
  • challenging a bankruptcy notice
  • applying to set the bankruptcy notice aside.
Receiving a bankruptcy notice Download PDF (133 KB)

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This resource was published 21/09/2017. This is legal information only and does not constitute legal advice. You should always contact a lawyer for advice specific to your situation.


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