The Physical Disability Council of NSW (PDCN) is the State peak representative organisation of and for people with physical disabilities.

PDCN has a significant number of people with physical disabilities among its membership, board and employees. PDCN assists people with a physical disability to live ordinary lives as contributing members of the community by providing opportunities for individuals to gain the information, knowledge and skills necessary to manage their own lives.

Earlier this year, PDCN approached Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law team for assistance with the set up and delivery of an equipment loan scheme. We were able to provide them with a referral to a law firm to receive pro bono legal advice about the agreements needed.

Serena Ovens, who was the CEO of PDCN at the time, said: “As a new service, with expensive mobility equipment, PDCN had no expertise in the legal requirements and insurance implications of delivering this new service, and have benefitted greatly from the pro bono legal advice sourced for us. This is still in progress, but to date the development of a proforma contract, assistance with our own liability and risk issues, the review of our current insurances, as well as advice on additional insurance needed to run the program has been invaluable – and saved us significant cost, that we would otherwise have struggled to meet!”