The power of pro bono

Justice Connect is more than a community legal service. We are a network of thousands of the nation’s best legal minds. We bring pro bono lawyers together to help people and organisations find legal solutions to their everyday problems.

The legal system is complicated. The millions of Australians who need legal help often don’t know where or how to get it, or which service they’re eligible for. Services that are trying to help people to access justice are struggling to keep up with the demand as it is.

Justice Connect’s unique role is that we connect people who need help with the talent and hard work of amazing lawyers.

In 2017, our members gave over 50,000 hours of their work to help our clients. Major law firms provide the valuable time of their lawyers, at no charge. This pool of talent is how we can help thousands of people and organisations each year. Without that help, they could too easily slip through the cracks.

Pro bono is in our DNA. When Justice Connect was founded in 1992, it was to build a culture of pro bono work in Australia. Today, we continue to help that culture grow. We drive it to help people and community groups left behind by the legal system.

Our commitment to pro bono legal work, and to providing dignity for those left behind by the legal system, attracts excellence from all corners. Over fifty of Australia’s best law firms are members of Justice Connect.

With the power of pro bono, we extend our reach and amplify our impact.



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Photograph of Justice Connect's client Kelly