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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the announcement of an eviction moratorium, we know that Victorian renters need support to negotiate rent reduction agreements with their landlords and access the Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Scheme through Consumer Affairs Victoria.  

That’s why we’ve relaunched Dear Landlord – a self-help tool that can identify what actions you need to take, guide you through the process, and provide the necessary resources and information to help you stay in your home.    

Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord can help you to take early, proactive steps if you’ve been affected by COVID19 and you are struggling to pay rent. Simply answer a few questions and Dear Landlord will help determine the best way forward, whether that’s helping you draft a rent reduction letter to your landlord, contacting Consumer Affairs Victoria to help negotiate a rent reduction, getting tips for mediation or for appearing at VCAT. 

Dear Landlord can help you if: 

  • You are renting a residential property in Victoria 
  • Your property is owned by a private landlord (you may rent the property directly from the landlord or through a real estate agent) 
  • You have been affected by COVID-19  
  • You have a rent related problem 

Use Dear Landlord

Understanding your rights during COVID-19

Resources for VCAT

At risk of homelessness? 

You can contact Justice Connect’s Homeless Law service.  

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