Our impact: by the numbers

23 November 2015
Our Impact Report demonstrates the value of our work to people experiencing disadvantage

Justice Connect has long been committed to a rigorous program of self-assessment. We firmly believe that through continual monitoring and assessment of our work we can constantly improve and deliver more and better access to justice for our clients. 

As such, we are proud to release our 2016-17 Impact Report, which collates, assesses and presents the best available evidence to demonstrate the changes made to people’s lives after receiving access to justice through pro bono services.

Prepared in tandem with the expertise of Emma Pritchard, an evaluation expert with over a decade's experience in the field, this is the most comprehensive look yet at not just the numbers - how many people we reach, what services they receive, how many hours of pro bono legal help are unlocked - but the effect that all that work has on the most important people to justice connect; our clients.

Please download the full report, and previous versions, below.

PDF iconJustice Connect Impact Report 2017

PDF iconJustice Connect Impact Report 2016

PDF iconJustice Connect Impact Report 2015