Requirements of a creditor’s petition and how to deal with one

This fact sheet explains what a creditor’s petition is, your options for dealing with one, and what to expect during the bankruptcy proceedings themselves.

20 July 2016

If you are served with a creditor’s petition, you should consider your options. You’re entitled to at least five days notice between becoming aware of a creditor’s petition and attending a court hearing. You should always appear at court on the first date shown on the petition, even if you plan on having the hearing adjourned.

This fact sheet explains:

  • The requirements of a creditor’s petition
  • How bankruptcy proceedings commence
  • What to expect when receiving a creditor’s petition
  • Your options for dealing with or opposing a creditor’s petition
  • What to expect during a creditor’s petition hearing
Creditor’s petitions and filing for bankruptcy Download PDF (244 KB)

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Further reading:

The Federal Circuit Court has information about bankruptcy and appearing at the hearing.

This resource was published 20/07/2016. This is legal information only and does not constitute legal advice. You should always contact a lawyer for advice specific to your situation.


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