Upload a language sample on behalf of someone else

If you work with someone who has experienced a legal problem, you can help us improve our Artificial Intelligence (AI) legal tool by uploading their own description of their legal problem so we can match more people with the right kind of legal help they need. Please upload the language sample/s in English.

This form should take between 5-10 minutes to complete. You’ll also have the option upon completion of the form to upload another sample.

  Please note that these samples do not qualify as an application for legal help. To make a referral for someone to access legal help, please make an application.

Any data that is shared with Justice Connect will only be used for the purposes of training our AI language processor tool. All data is stored securely, and is not shared with any other parties outside of the project. We will de-identify and anonymise every language sample prior to it being legally annotated. Our upload form does not ask any personal questions about which organisation you work for, so samples cannot be traced back to the organisation and your anonymity will be protected.

Read our privacy policy at justiceconnect.org.au/privacy.

Our Not-for-profit Law program has free legal resources on privacy law for charities and community organisations at nfplaw.org.au/privacy.